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Friday, February 4, 2011

Montana November 2010 Part 3

Sun. Nov. 14, 2010
Doug left for Colorado. He is taking runners to Tom Thurston, who is making a sled for me from Doug’s design. It will be lower and wider to keep me from tipping over so much. It will be  Doug’s gift to me when I get to Nome. If I don’t get there Doug gets to keep it. He is also picking up beef and chicken fat to feed the dogs.

For the last run, we left the dog yard with Herbie and Washington in lead, with no necklines. Reece was in swing. At the second turn Reece stopped, Washington went one way and Herbie went the other. There was confusion at the front. By the time I got there, Herbie was backing out of his harness. I had to catch him and wrestle him to the ground to keep him from getting away. If we had put a neckline between the leaders that would not have happened. One leader could have pulled the other in the right direction and I would not have to worry about a leader slipping out of his harness and getting away. If I was going to run the leaders without a neckline between them, I could have  looped a neckline through the harness and snapped it to the collar to keep him from getting away. Live and learn.

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