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Friday, February 4, 2011

Montana December 2010 - Part 2

I couldn’t sleep, so I watched two movies. The first one was an action packed thriller with Angelina Jolie called Salt. If you like action, I highly recommend it. The second movie with Leonardo DeCaprio was called Inception and was equally as good. But I almost turned it off because it was more cerebral and seemed slow to get started after the first movie. It explored the possibility that we can control our actions in real life by controlling our dreams. I highly recommend it also. If you are going to watch them both, like I did, I would suggest that you watch it first.

I got into Lincoln too late to do anything except feed and scoop. The next day I drove to 12 hours to Colorado Springs to pick up the sled Tom Thurston was making for me. Doug had made a deal with Tom, that he would build the sled in exchange for a free breeding of his female to one of Doug’s males. Unfortunately, I did not realize the breeding had not occurred yet and did not take the male with me. Tom was disappointed to say the least, but did give me the sled to take back to Montana. I had screwed up, again. I owed him big time.

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