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Friday, February 4, 2011

Montana December 2010 - Part 1

I left the meeting with Scott, another local rookie and went back to the Millenium Hotel. I got to see the Steelers play the Ravens and it was quite a defensive shootout. After the game I left for the airport and waited for my plane to leave. I would be flying to Salt Lake City with Kris, another rookie who raced with me in the spring. He was going home to Colorado. I was going to Doug’s to resume my training.

There would be no food service on this flight so I bought a breakfast burrito and a Sprite for the trip. When I checked in, I had been given a request for an automatic upgrade. I did not think anything about it until my name was called before we left. I would be flying in First Class, for the first time. Kris made a comment about that and I told him if I got food he could have my burrito.

I did not belong in First Class. I was going to stuff my coat in the overhead bin, like I always do, when the flight attendant took it from me and hung it up. I took my backpack off and the water bottle I keep attached to it swung around and hit some gentleman in the face. What was I doing here. I apologized and he graciously accepted, but I could tell he was not used to this kind of treatment in First Class. We did get food in First Class, shortly after take off and we were supplied with snacks constantly while we were in the air. I saved the burrito and gave it to Kris when we landed. I remembered Doug telling me that the previous Governor of Montana had impressed him once by recognizing him when they got on the same plane and came back to sit with him, while giving up his seat in First Class to the stranger who was seated beside Doug. They talked the whole way back to Montana.

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