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Friday, February 4, 2011

Alaska December 2010 - Part 1

Friday, Dec. 3, 2010

I worked until noon, then drove to the shuttle for a ride to Atlanta. I would be flying to Anchorage for the mandatory Rookie meeting. I arrived in Anchorage about 2AM and slept on a bench at the airport. I would need to be up at 7 AM and did not want to get a room for a few hours rest. The bench was comfortable enough. I had slept on one last year when I came up with Doug to help John Stewart get ready for his race. We had gotten in too late to get a car and ended up sleeping at the airport. In a few months I would be sleeping on the floor or wooden benches as I drove across Alaska. I had better get used to it. I got up at 4 AM and got ready to go into town for the meeting. People started arriving at the airport at 5 AM for the early flights out of Anchorage and I was glad I had gotten up earlier. I had finished getting ready in the restroom before they arrived.

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