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Friday, January 21, 2011

Montana January 2010 Part 6

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
We ran dogs 25 miles over Martin Hill loop and I could not keep up with John. Doug made some comments about me standing like a statue on the back of the sled instead of pedaling or getting off and running. He made me mad. He was not there and didn’t see me pedaling and running. But he did have a point. He wanted to see results (i.e. me keeping up with John) and I wasn’t able to do that even with all my hard work. I was after all paying Doug to get me up to speed to run the Iditarod. I prayed for humility and held my tongue. If they wanted results to show them I had changed, I would give them results. I started dragging all the morning feed and equipment up to the dog yard on a sled. I was getting a workout dragging over a hundred pounds of stuff up the hill behind me. It got easier with each new day. The first day I had to start and stop with every other step and had to turn around, face the sled and drag it up the hill while walking backwards. By the end of the week I was walking up with no stops switching hands as I went.

I had fallen on Contour road, had been dragged and lost my cocoon sunglasses. At the rate that I was losing stuff on the trail, they would be able to outfit another musher by the end of this season, if they found everything I had lost.

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