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Friday, January 21, 2011

Montana January 2010 Part 5

It was dark when we got back and Doug was waiting for us. My headlamp was glowing with a faint yellow light that was useless for seeing any but the closest dogs. As Doug ripped it off my head and threw it on the sled bag he said, “Get rid of that worthless P.O.S. and get a real headlamp.” I finished putting the dogs away and went back to get my light. It was gone. Doug had it in his hand. He had no use  for anything that was useless or did not serve his purpose. I was afraid he was going to throw it away and told him I used it to walk my dog; to which he replied, “You are not walking your dog, you are running my dogs.” I got it back and put it away.

When we got back to the house, we replaced the worn out alkaline batteries in my head lamp with new lithium ones and it worked just fine after that. The alkaline batteries bleed off and get dimmer while the lithium ones continue to give a full 1.5 volt charge until they die.

I had just completed my first run behind a 12 dog team and survived.

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