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Monday, December 20, 2010

Montana October 2009 Part 5

Thursday, November 5 After feeding and scooping, Doug arrived and we began moving dogs around in the yard. When we were finished, there were two teams in the main yard with the extras in the yearling yard nearby. The teams were set, one for John Stewart, who would be running the Iditarod in March and one for me. Doug even gave them nicknames, Mr. Gadget’s team and Scooter’s team. John was Mr. Gadget because he had all these electronic gadgets. I was scooter because I was riding my scooter everywhere around the ranch. That afternoon we ran John’s team seven miles. They were so strong it was scary. There was no stopping them as we left the yard sitting on an ATV. Doug said they could have pulled two pick up trucks.

Doug told me I needed to be asking questions, then asked me if I knew anything about the harnesses, what size were the dogs and which dogs got which harnesses. I had wondered about that and had meant to ask the day before, but didn’t. Doug was still one or two steps ahead of me. The harnesses with red loops on the back were for small dogs, the yellow loops were for medium dogs. Blue loops would have been for large dogs, but Doug didn’t have any large dogs. A harness with a red and yellow loop on the back would be for dogs that were between small and medium and a harness with a yellow and blue loop would be for dogs between medium and large. Doug tried to simplify everything, I was still trying to make it complex.

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