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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Montana January 2009 Part 6

January 3, 2009 I stopped being a tourist intent on running the Iditarod and started becoming a musher, interested in driving, training and taking care of dogs.

I went home to have surgery and found that I had completely severed three of the four rotator cuff muscles. One of them was shredded so badly the surgeon could only find 50% of it to repair. I had also blown out the anterior capsule so that I had no stability in the joint anteriorly.

I returned to Montana in February to assist John in his Race to the Sky qualifying race for the 2010 Iditarod.

For the rest of the year I was involved in rehabilitation and conditioning to prevent further injuries. I returned to Montana in the fall to continue my training.

You can see the photos from my surgical repair as well as learn more about rotator cuff and knee injuries as well as why younger athletes are getting these injuries in, you guessed it, My Great Alaskan Adventure.
It is the journal I have been keeping since I began training. It contains much more than just my training notes. I hope to publish it in book form, either online or in print.
Preoperative photo of my shoulder after the injury.

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