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Monday, December 20, 2010

Montana November 2009 Part1

Running without purpose.

While working with the yearlings I had one female whelped by Arrow, his leader that helped him win an Iditarod. Her name is Tennille, named for the Captain and Tennille. In training, she ran all around, jumping up, not paying attention, running into things and not following commands. When I got to the house that evening and gave Doug a report on how the dogs were doing, I told him she was running without purpose. He looked at me and said, “That’s way too technical for me. She is a sled dog. Her whole purpose is to run. If you tell me she doesn’t pay attention or is screwing around I can understand that. Don’t say she is running without purpose. That doesn’t mean anything.” From then on, every time I did something I shouldn’t have done or I was wasting time doing it Doug would say, “Jim, you are running without purpose.” He wanted me to become more efficient. Don’t make three trips to get things from the bedroom when one trip would do. Don’t walk to the house to get a headlamp when I would be going there in the next ten minutes to get water.

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